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LimePoint delivers value to Enterprise organisations by providing Subject Matter Expertise (SME) in the areas of Platform Engineering (e.g. DevOps & Platform Automation), API, Data Streaming, Security (Identity & Access Management), and Integration. Our Services are delivered with an automation-first mindset, and aim to deliver value to our customers at speed. Our Software (MintPress and DriftGuard) offers our customers an automation and configuration management platform to accelerate the delivery of value. We have established strategic partnerships with key technology vendors that are leaders in industry and strive to deliver value to our customers, with our technology partners, at speed, and as a Confluent Preferred Partner, strive to deliver the value and benefits of the Confluent Platform to our customers.

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  • Banking/Financial Services
  • Education
  • Federal Government
  • Insurance
  • Local & Regional Government
  • Oil & Gas
  • Professional Services
  • Retail
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Benefits of adopting a microservices architecture and leveraging APIs for integration are wide-reaching. Whether you want to save money, automate better, drive DevOps capability, or just get apps to market quicker to create revenue, a modern approach to integration is your first step. We provide a complete API, Data, and Integration solution for enterprises building their next generation of applications. Our hybrid service delivery model combines the best of local talent with offshore resources to provide 16-hour daily delivery capability. LimePoint offer API, Data, and Integration services from initial design and architecture stages all the way through to build implementation and managed services. We have carefully selected our technology partners to bring our customers the best of breed solutions underpinned by an automation-first mindset that delivers value and outcomes to your API, Data, and Integration initiatives at speed. At LimePoint, we have established strategic partnerships with Kong, and Confluent. We have chosen our partners based on their superior technology vision, not market share at an arbitrary point in time. Kong – next-generation API platform for Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Organisations; and Confluent – the complete Enterprise Event Streaming Platform for Apache Kafka® At LimePoint, with our automation-first mindset, and through our strategic partnership with both Kong and Confluent, are very excited to provide our customers with a world-class platform for connecting and integrating your applications, data, and APIs to deliver value at speed.

Platform engineering is the process through which enterprises adopt (new technology and platforms), leverage (existing technologies and platforms), and transform (shift the dial on delivering value by transforming the way things are done) cloud platforms. It is at the core of designing, building, and operating your cloud infrastructure to deliver the next generation IT ecosystem. Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) typically refers to the ability of an organisation’s employees and service providers to choose the devices they work with. However, modern IT expands this definition to include enterprise applications, services, and platforms. Building composable platforms, whether in the private cloud, hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud, empowers enterprises to not only leverage the investment of their existing technologies, but also take advantage of new-world platforms and cloud native technologies delivered by hybrid and multi-cloud strategies. The LimePoint Platform Engineering offering includes the following core services that underpin your organisation’s ability to deliver composable, pluggable, and extensible platforms, enabling your organisation to BYOT.

A comprehensive Identity and Access Management platform is the cornerstone of any enterprise security architecture. LimePoint engineers have extensive experience in implementing and managing Access Management and Identity Governance and Lifecycle solutions for enterprises in various industry sectors including financial services, education, and government. We can provide complete API and Identity Integration solutions for managing your identity platform and creating and configuring connectors to federated identity sources. LimePoint have carefully selected technology partners for Identity and Access Management and whether your preference is for traditional on-premises enterprise deployment architecture, a more light-weight open source-based implementation or fully cloud-native solutions LimePoint can deliver a platform to suit your needs. Beyond these core capabilities, we can also assist with implementing API security, Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS), Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM) and Threat Data Analytics. LimePoint offers Identity and Access Management services from the initial design and architecture stages, all the way through to managed services if required. This allows us to provide comprehensive services for developing and managing your identity platform. In addition to implementing security solutions, our experts can be at your side throughout the development of the identity integration architecture and our ongoing services can include platform operation, maintenance, service management and support.

Whether it’s a large scale physical to virtual migration services or a complex project that could use some outside assistance and know-how, there’s always a hurdle for your technology and business to overcome. This is where LimePoint’s Cloud Consultancy services can help you. LimePoint Consultants have the skills to assist you with; Cloud Strategy – Applying a technical mindset to a business problem allows the cloud conversation to become more relevant. It’s no longer about making one application or part of your business more efficient, but how entire enterprises can transform to move faster and more effectively than the competition. Cloud Enablement – With cloud getting easier, it can be tempting to rush in and start provisioning technology, but it can become very chaotic alongside traditional systems and processes. We can help enterprises understand how departments can become more agile and flexible through automation to speed up your long-winded processes. Migration Services – There are many benefits to moving to the cloud, but knowing exactly how to move enterprise scale infrastructure, legacy applications and multiple workloads in no easy task. We can help you with this.

With the increasing adoption of cloud and consumption “as a service” model, the traditional managed services market needs a fundamental shift in its methods and process. LimePoint offers you unique value proposition for providing a simplified, cost effective and modern managed services, underpinned by principles of DevOps, continuous delivery and automation. LimePoint’s automation-powered managed services consists of our specialist automation experts, who bring with them deep technical experience in deploying and managing mission critical platforms with an automation-driven mindset. Leveraging our automation platforms to manage, maintain, and deliver changes to environments within your SDLC, with the aim to improve the overall quality and consistency to your business. Our automation-driven processes enable us to streamline change and release across the platform with consistency and reliability. Our products (MintPress and DriftGuard) enable these outcomes and empower our customers to deliver business value at speed. At LimePoint, we understand the importance of the customer, and how we can support the overall customer and employee experience through the delivery of core IT services. Automation is at our core, and it is front of mind with everything we do. It’s a keystone capability, one that is foundational in empowering and enabling enterprises in establishing high-performing IT functions and using IT as a resource multiplier by delivering a next generational uplift on how your IT systems are both deployed and managed through our automation-powered products and services. Our mission as a company is to “Empower the enterprise in the cloud economy”, and we think LimePoint is strongly positioned to empower and enable you to meet and exceed your strategic objectives.