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Company Description

47 Degrees specialises in software consulting development services, primarily focusing in functional programming languages (Scala and Kotlin). We specialise in modernising legacy applications to be real-time, safe & secure, and responsive. Our engineers are well-versed in building highly-response back-end applications leveraging Spark (and Databricks Lakehouse), Kafka (and Confluent Platform), Akka, Kubernetes, and other distributed technologies.

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  • Banking/Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • High Tech
  • Manufacturing
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Other
  • Retail
  • Global


From development and architectural guidance, planning and implementation, to team augmentation and code review, 47 Degrees offers the full spectrum of consulting services for long-term and short-term engagements around Kafka and the Confluent Platform.

If engineering isn’t your primary focus, it’s not where you should be spending your time. 47 Degrees can bring in our highly proficient team to come up with the most advantageous solution for your company.

At 47 Degrees, we seamlessly integrate and advance our clients' projects from initial planning and development to deployment and every sprint in between. We know the pitfalls, what mistakes to avoid, and how to fix bugs because we’ve done it before. Our team augmentation service brings immediate expertise capable of mentoring & guiding less-experienced teams.

When you enlist 47 Degrees, you'll benefit from a high-level design and architectural advice and validation backed by a team with extensive experience deploying applications into production. We’ll work with you to discuss your core business goals and set up a strategic plan, incorporating the best components and technologies, into a comprehensive architecture that best suits your specific needs, whether it’s scaling Kafka, building microservices or modernising a monolithic system.

The 47 Degrees team actively reviews code, offers development suggestions, guides improvement, and provides in-depth mentoring to your team throughout the process. Meaning, you’re lowering maintenance costs and technical debt while ensuring that your team is levelling up and moving forward as a knowledgeable and cohesive unit.

47 Degrees Academy is an immersive online education and training platform open to individuals, teams and companies alike. featuring in-depth instructor-led courses with hands-on exercises, workshops, webinars, talks, and special events. Focused on languages like Haskell, Kotlin, Scala, and Swift, among others, the Academy will take you on a visual journey through concepts, patterns, and applications led by seasoned trainers who are veterans in the Functional Programming industry.


Financial Services Client

A Financial Services Client faced significant growth in terms of their client base, and the features and domains they wanted to cover. It was becoming a real challenge for some of its monolithic systems to deal with millions of transactions and slow downstream apps. 47 Degrees tracked down all of the problems that were previously exposed and applied various architectural changes that served as a model for the implementation/migration of other microservices.

Gaming Client

A gaming client needed to create a platform to launch a loyalty rewards program for their betting clientele, that would be based on points accumulated and allow users to advance on a tiered system of reward levels. They needed their loyalty program to be capable of processing real-time bet settlement events, based on a defined set of business rules, and built on top of the specific event and historical information to generate loyalty points and progress the user along a rewards tier. 47 Degrees designed and built a custom rules engine using advanced Kafka and Akka streaming technologies and levering Reactive architectures. The 47 Degrees team helped create a robust microservices architecture with pre-defined rules giving it the ability to process 1,000 events every 46 milliseconds, instead of every 16-17 seconds under the previous architecture.

Logistics Client

Our global logistics clients wanted to explore different approaches when working with its corporate data lake platform, with a view to establishing common practises and patterns. 47 Degrees was assigned two uses cases both aimed at creating a single source of truth and freeing operational databases from increased data access, manipulation and reporting by their growing data science teams and applications. 47 Degrees created automated processes to move data into the data lake, with added data cleansing and resilient exception management.