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Founded in 2010, Irisidea TechSolutions Pvt. Ltd. (Formerly Irisidea Technologies Pvt Ltd.) is an innovative & research oriented digital transformation company. It’s core focus is to make organisations AI enabled with continual research in the field of Data Analytics, Data Science & Artificial Intelligence and help them accept the digital data tsunami challenge. Getting the right information at right time, is very critical for defining growth strategy & business direction. With it’s expertise in delivering multi-site, fully internationalized, multi-brand systems for global organizations., Irisidea also offers variety of B2C & B2B e-commerce and Retail Services for Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware), Oracle Commerce Cloud (ATG), SAP Hybris and Magento Commerce.

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Irisidea helps organisations to build real-world Big Data applications that integrate and analyze high velocity data sources. Right from designing, building new systems to fine-tuning existing systems, we offer complete range of Apache Kafka Application Consulting solutions. - Kafka Application Consulting - Kafka Cloud Implementation Consulting - Kafka Infrastructure Consulting - Kafka Security Implementation Consulting - Using Apache Druid with Kafka

Leverage Irisidea’s technical expertise for your voyage to Big Data processing and analyzing boundaryless Data Ocean. We can be hand-holding, solution provider, assist on decision making on adoption of various open source frameworks, tools etc those will be needed on different phases of big data processing life cycle like Distributed Incubator Data Absorption 360° Visualization Data Security Social Sentiment Analysis To visualize the really of actual outcome in each individual phase, We can develop the Proof of Concept (POC) to boost the confidence which in turn helps you to freeze on schedule and budget planning.

Our Expertise in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence comes with Experience by choice of right tools and technologies employed for Data Mining, Data Segregation, Data Differentiation, Data Engineering and Analysis to Produce outcome of precisely predicted reports. Our Artificial Intelligence Solutions cover the following domains: Biological (Wearable & Healthcare) Cognitive (Automation) Gestational (Machine Learning) Isomorphic (Integration & Middle-ware event driven)

In order to speed your time to market, we define the right IoT landscape for you to kick-start your IoT journey. A structured approach to understanding your business needs is used to identify your IoT needs and solutions, thereby accelerating your time to market with low risk. We provide the end to end full stack IoT solutions starting from sensors and hardware to advance applications for all the above domains and many more. We provide the best and most reliable solutions that always work for our users and always. We also customize our solutions to users’ environments and users’ needs to ensure maximum user satisfaction.

We make use of technology to innovate and generate business-focused solutions for your business needs. We facilitate transition of businesses from traditional business models to e-business models and help them in becoming modern enterprises. We are confident of creating a shared vision, strategy for your successful e-commerce business. Managing your existing e-commerce business is becoming critical day by day without allowing participation of latest digital tools/platforms in your existing e-commerce business. We help you with complete technical design, development, execution with end to end functional/automation testing with zero tolerance defects to make sure your e-commerce business achieved right goal. - Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC/SFRA) - CloudCarze B2B - Oracle Commerce Cloud - Adobe Magento Commerce - SAP Hybris - Shopify


Zensar Technologies

We have assisted them on setting up Oracle ATG teams for various projects and technical engagements and working closely on other requirements.

Born Group

Magento Commerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud

TeleDNA Communications Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, India

Modernization of existing telecom middle-ware applications by implementing Kafka: - Design and architecture of the proposed Kafka cluster with optimizations - Implementation and configuration of scalable Kafka Cluster - Monitoring System installation & configuration - Tuning & Scale-up - Testing & Support

Invendis Technologies Pvt Ltd

Invendis is one of the major IOT/IIOT and M2M manufacturing companies, that develops and manufactures end-to-end Remote Monitoring/Energy Management solutions. This solution is for the existing platform of the customer which had confluent Kafka, needed to be migrated & integrated with Apache Kafka, in order to collect device data from controller, sensors, meters installed on telecom tower sites and eventually pushes to cloud / on premises infrastructure.


Setting up Apache Druid analytics database to work with Apache Kafka

Setting up Apache Druid analytics database to work with Apache Kafka

Today we are going to show you how to use Apache Druid with Apache Kafka. Apache Druid is a real-time analytics database designed for fast slice-and-dice analytics on large data sets. Most often, Druid powers use cases where real-time ingestion, fast query performance, and high up-time are important. So, What we have done is we have installed the latest version of Apache Druid, that is 26.0.0. Since Apache druid can not be installed in windows, we have installed it in Ubuntu where Kafka is already running in single node cluster. Apache druid has dependency on Zookeeper, hence it comes combined with zookeeper when you download and setup Apache Druid. Druid has its dashboard for streaming data visualization which can be used to see the data picked from any Kafka topic at real time. Apart from Kafka, Apache Druid has inbuilt connectors for other real time data streaming sources like amazon and Azure. We can also query the existing data present in Druid database and visualize it in its dashboard using query feature. For example if we are connected with a data stream related to weather, it will keep storing the data in the druid analytical database and using query, we can fetch the data for previous few hours to visualize the hourly changes in humidity or temperature.