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Beersel, 1650 Belgium
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Company Description

Hackolade has pioneered data modeling and schema design for NoSQL databases, storage formats, REST APIs, and JSON in RDBMS. The Hackolade Studio software tool is a visual editor of, among others, JSON Schema and Avro Schema, allowing forward- and reverse-engineering, as well as conversions from DDLs, XSD, JSON, YAML, etc... Functions are accessible via GUI or a command-line interface that can be invoked by a scheduler or as part of a CI/CD pipeline. It can also be used to feed data dictionaries and metadata management suites. Hackolade provides a graphical interface for the design and maintenance of Avro and JSON schemas stored in Confluent Schema Registry, on-premises or in the cloud. More details can be found at https://hackolade.com/help/ConfluentSchemaRegistry.html

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  • Banking/Financial Services
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