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Unleashing the potential in your business starts with the right technology partner. 4impact has the technology experience and expertise to deliver composable business transformation and project success. Since 2005 we have been delivering outcomes-based technology solutions to unleash the business potential in Banking, Logistics, Retail, Travel, Government, Energy and Infrastructure across the Asia Pacific. Put simply, we are experts at delivering complex projects well. With a focus on providing genuine business uplift through Business systems integrations, optimisations and creating trusted, and accessible data. Digitally transforming your business all starts with a simple conversation.

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  • Banking/Financial Services
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Helping to orchestrate project success and navigate change in Fintech SI and complex industries. 4impact helps complex organisations such as banks, insurers, infrastructure, enterprise and more to navigate the complexities of technology transformation and legacy technology modernisation. We bridge the gap between our client's internal capabilities and the delivery capabilities of technology vendors. 4impact is the orchestrator that helps to deliver fully realised end-to-end solutions. Our key goals include maximising the speed and quality at which data flows through different channels, boosting productivity and enhancing the quality of day-to-day operations. Our role as System Integrator is to plan, design, implement, coordinate, improve and maintain complex technology changes. Some of the integration technologies we work with: - Kafka/Confluent - Camel - Azure service bus - Azure data factory - AWS lambda - Azure functions - AWS SQS/SNS - IoT/MQTT

Trusted information and insight hold the key to competitive advantage. Organisations with reliable, high-quality data about their customers, products, services, and operations make better decisions than those that lack data confidence. With accurate data, organisations can react to changes in the market or meet their customer and business needs faster than ever before. 4impact Data Services can help any organisation at any stage of their journey identify and unleash the value of their data. From the foundation steps of helping define an effective data strategy and governance framework to the secure movement of data within and outside your organisation to the ongoing analysis and visualisation of insights. - Data Management - Data Streaming - Data-Driven Decisions - Data Migration - Data Extraction Pick/UniVerse